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BCHC and USFS men sawing a tree to clear the trail

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What do you folks do?
We lobby for the historic right to use backcountry trails and forage;
We maintain and improve trails in the backcountry, as a public service;
We hold classes, clinics and workshops to help people use the backcountry safely and gently;
We ride together to have fun.
Our Activities page will show you some of our recent projects and rides.

When do you meet?
Our board meets the second Tuesday of every month. See the Contacts page and call the secretary if you'd like to attend.
See our Home page for a list of upcoming events for members.

How do I join?
Fill out our Membership Application.

Can I come and watch?
Maybe. Non-members and members not current on their dues are prohibited from participating in any Mid Valley BCHC events where stock is present.
This is our insurance company's rule and we are required to abide by it. You can come to a Dutch Oven Group meeting - the only stock there is chicken stock - or a board meeting, or any of our LNT or Packing demonstrations.

Do you make donations to worthy causes?
Occasionally we have supported outside organizations and individuals who request a donation, providing that the project being funded is related to BCHC Objectives and Purpose. Read more about our Donation Request Protocol (PDF, 20 KB)

Backcountry Horsemen of California - Mid Valley Unit
PO Box 1709
Modesto CA 95353-1709

Questions about the Mid Valley Unit? Ask Doug Dollarhide, bootsandspur@att.net
Questions about, or problems with, the web site? Ask Ted Pack, TedPack@fire2wire.com

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