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March, 2017

Dennis Serpa (Left) Dennis Serpa, doing what he loves best.

I am just back from the BCHC Rendezvous. Traveling across the Sierra on Highway 88, we saw some spectacular views and high roadside snow banks. As usual, the Rendezvous was a good time for all who attended. It is too bad that more did not take advantage of all the seminars, clinics and presentations by our dedicated individuals. There was a big push on safety protocols for our upcoming work project season. Dan Horn and Chip Herzig (both 2016 BCHC Ben York Award winners) have spent many hours developing safety protocols for BCHC. As BCHC is now taking on the responsibility of crosscut and chainsaw training within our organization, it is imperative that each unit manage its own people and get them trained so we can be a good example to public lands agency personnel.

In addition to trail work safety, we also have to be working with our own animals during this time of year so when we take them out on work projects we do not cause problems by having unruly animals. If you have a green horse, now is the time to make sure he is trail worthy. This is also the time to check your equipment so when you get to the trailhead for a work project, you don't have equipment to work on!

When we start conducting our unit trail projects we will be holding safety meetings at designated times. If you don't make it to the safety meeting you will not be allowed to participate in the work project. It is not fair to the other participants who do show up on time to ask them to sit through the meeting again because you were late! This year there are likely to be more trees down than normal. Therefore, we will need more participants in our work projects to get through the season. Ask a friend to come along and help us!

John Marshall was the winner of the Top Hand Award for our Mid Valley Unit! Congratulations to John for always being there to help out wherever needed.

See you on the trail ...

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