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President's Monthly Message


January, 2018

Dennis Serpa (Left) Dennis Serpa, doing what he loves best.

Greetings from your Past President,

It gives me great pleasure in writing a Past President's message. It has been a pleasure serving as your leader for the past two years. What was disappointing was how hard it was to get someone to step up to the leadership position.

We have many leaders in our group that could do the job, it's not that hard and the rewards are great. It seems that only a few will step up and take on new jobs and that keeps the same ones doing the same old jobs. We need new ideas to keep our group enthusiastic and trying new ways to accomplish our goals.

This year we already have planned several projects and we need some new bodies to help out. It is up to the old members to reach out to the newer members and encourage them to get involved. Without this encouragement, the newbies will not feel welcome and will just stay home.

We also have to keep looking for new members. It seems like there are more people out there trail riding that we come across on the trails. Have you talked to them about our motto of "keeping trails open for all" and how their membership can help in accomplishing this goal? We need numbers to help in making our efforts in lobbying felt by our agencies and politicians. I also wonder why someone who has been a member for years and gets to a point where they no longer ride, think they will stop being a member. We have many members that don't ride but support us by just being a member that wants to keep those trails open for the future generations. Then there are all the educational efforts that we are always doing, to improve the way we treat our animals, and the way we camp and enjoy the back country.

So, as I step down from my leadership position, I will continue to promote our organization to the fullest extent of my abilities. I will be encouraging all members to do their share of helping to reach our goals and to become active.

What can you do to help me?

(Our President writes a message every month for the newsletter.)

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