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March 2023

Doug Dollarhide

Howdy, members.

Are you tired of this rain? I am. However, I am also thankful for over 200% of our annual rainfall but looking forward to some drying weather. A little wind and a lot of sun would dry our water puddles up.

Friday the 10th of March, Dennis Serpa, Carl Perry, Karen Lopes, Jim Westmoreland and I met with Miguel Macias from the Forest Service. It was my first meeting with these folks and I thought it very productive. For instance, we renewed our Cost Share agreement, with the Forest service, for the next five years. Miguel also agreed on lettng us put up signage at Kerrick, Pine Valley, and Clark Fork campgrounds that state "these campgrounds are maintained by Backcountry Horsemen of California, Mid Valley Unit." This is something that we have been working toward for a long time. It was also agreed upon that the Forest Service would provide first aide and CPR classes for our sawyers two times during the winter. They will offer one during the week and one on a weekend so when summer comes around we will be ready to cut trees and be cerfied to do so.

Our Senior High Camp will be July 21-23 at Kerrick Corral Horse Camp and will be for ages 15-17. Topics covered will be: what are the items you would take on a pack trip, how to plan and prepare and the other LNT principles, basics of packing, and of course a ride with Aspen Meadow Pack Station stock. If you have any quesons give me a call or text me at 209-605-2403, or email at bootsandspur@att.net.

In closing, I hope you all will plan to be involved in some of our events this year whether it be a trail clearing, a fun ride, Dutch oven, or a general meeng. There is always some way to have fun with this group. We look forward to seeing you!


Doug Dollarhide, President

(Our President writes a message every month for the newsletter.)

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