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May, 2017

Dennis Serpa (Left) Dennis Serpa, doing what he loves best.

Well, these articles never get easier to write. It's my least favorite task of being MV president. It seems that when spring comes, times get busy and there is not enough time to get things done. The weekends are being filled with activities; Mule Days, Spring Campout, saw certifications, Clark Fork trail clearing and of course, this is graduation time for many. We just have to figure out what we can fit into our schedules. For those of you who are not on Facebook, we have a major announcement.

The Mid Valley Unit has been awarded the Double Diamond award from BCHA for participation in the Rose Parade. This is a major accomplishment, as this award is the highest honor given to any unit or chapter for their projects completed during the year. Most of the projects by the eleven applicants were for major work projects in their local forests. Ours, being quite different, was promoting the work of all Backcountry Horsemen across the nation. The awards committee thought our Rose Parade event was above and beyond all projects in promoting the work of BCHA. This award really showcases the large support from all of our members and friends who rd participated in the fundraiser we had on December 3 . The participants in the parade were just the face of all BCH'ers and I want to thank all who supported our efforts.

As for work projects, we are all champing at the bit, ready to saw some logs. Being an exceptional year for snowfall, we don't know yet where our efforts will be needed most, but we will be lettng you know as soon as we get some reconnaissance from the Forest Service. We will get the word out ASAP! Get out on the trails.

BCH is "Keeping Trails Open for All!"

(Our President writes a message every month for the newsletter.)

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