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President's Monthly Message


May 2022

Doug Dollarhide

Howdy, members.

Well, the month of May is about half over and this tells me that it is me to get ready for Bishop Mule Days! As you might know, our unit sponsors our very own college team for the inter-scholastic competition. Ashley Stott, Blake Tobler, Allison Sousa, and Cody Andrews are members of the team. Also Justin Black and Garrett Dollarhide will be competing in the individual pack scramble. Justin and Garrett will have to pack one mule and saddle one horse and race around the track to the finish line. Oh, and they can't lose their load or fall off the horse while running around the track! We wish the team God's speed because that is what they need at mule days.

June is around the corner and on the 18th is when we have our youth horse camp at Kerrick Corral. This will be one full day of learning to saddle a horse, pack a mule and learn leave no trace principles. The highlight of the day will be a two hour ride at the Aspen Meadow Pack Station. Please keep in mind that only camp volunteers can be at the day camp.

The snow gates are open from Crabtree to Kennedy Meadows. The price of fuel is a concern for all of us so we will have rides and work parties on the calendar and you can plan ahead for your travels. So far Carl has a work party planned at Clark Fork on July 15-17. We are in need of someone to plan a work party at Pine Valley this year. Now don't start saying "not me, I can't do that." All it takes is a little planning ahead for a successful work party. Carl or myself would be happy to guide you through the process. I can't express how much we need folks to help out with these different events. Our unit is changing and we need people to carry the torch into our unit's future. Well, this is all I have for now. Get your stock ready for summer, it should be another grand me up in the high country.

Doug Dollarhide, President

(Our President writes a message every month for the newsletter.)

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