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September, 2016

Dennis Serpa (Left) Dennis Serpa, doing what he loves best.

Read through this newsletter to find out what Mid Valley members have been doing over the last couple of months. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to know we have such a great group of members enjoying what they do to keep Mid Valley in the forefront of Backcountry Horsemen. We have so many different activities that all members should be able to find something to meet their needs. I guess it might just be a dream that we can meet the needs of all members and I know we have many who just want to support all of our efforts and that's just fine.

As you know by now, our big upcoming event is the Rose Parade, January 2, 2017. It will be our unit's main effort this fall to make sure we show parade watchers "Who We Are and What We Do"! We are asking our membership to support unit fund raising efforts to make sure we look our best. We are also asking friends who are not BCHC members to help us out in this great adventure. Please read more about this on a following pages.

Unit activities continue to keep us all busy - packing in supplies for the volunteer crew that keeps the PCT in great shape, continuing cleanup of Gateway Park along Modesto's Tuolumne River, ongoing horse training challenges - there's always plenty to do if you are a backcountry horseman.

The coming fall season brings me to thinking about deer and elk hunting. My mules will be put to the test this year by hauling in my hunting camp and (hopefully) packing out results of the hunt. This year I am the lucky recipient of an elk tag in Nevada. It has taken 12 years of applying and building points to draw this tag. This will be the hunt of a lifetime for me as once you draw this tag you cannot apply for another 10 years. My grandson also drew this elk tag so we will be busy. His season is after mine so we will be in Nevada the last week of October through mid- November, depending on how long it takes to find two of the monarchs of the Jarbidge Wilderness. This type of hunt is the primary reason for having some great mules, able to fulfill their duties.

Keep looking for ways to fulfill your membership of Mid Valley Unit,

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